In a continually changing and evolving environment, the parameters that affect the change in rapid speed, while the regulatory framework becomes tighter. The people of AFS know what is currently required for enterprises to survive and grow.

We localize weaknesses and strengths and we suggest solutions direct and effective, with the ultimate target of maximizing the enterprise value.

  • Business and management consultancy.
  • Administration and management of economic units.
  • Financial reports.
  • Monitoring cash inflows - outflows.
  • Drafting of feasibility studies.
  • Information on the Company's financial status-comparison to previous years - prediction for future course.
  • Establishing procedures to control the internal operation of the business.
  • Costing of warehouses and other sectors and services.
  • Specification of company’s productivity.
  • Specification of production cost.
  • Proposals to increase productivity.
  • Budget planning and monitoring.
  • Tips for Computerization.
  • Legal support through a partner network.